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Children from ages 4 and up are welcome to join our lesson program at Hidden Valley Horse Farm in Flat Rock, North Carolina. We have lessons for both children and adults: beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced. No experience necessary, our on-site trainer can take you from start to finish in equitation, hunter and jumper. We also have Dressage trainers who train on-site or bring your own Dressage trainer.

Equestrian riding lessons provide confidence, therapy, build character and increase their physical activity. We have a 100 x 200 foot outdoor riding ring and a 70 x 70 foot covered arena.

Private Lessons

Our training methodology considers both the rider and the horse. We want our students to build relationships with their lesson horse, so both can move forward with trust and love.

Private Lessons Our private lesson rates are as follows: Ages 4-6 beginner 40 minute (10 minutes for grooming and tacking/untacking) 30 minute lesson

Ages 7 and up 1 hour lesson 1x per week $50 1 hour lesson 2x or more per week $45 each lesson Packages: Paid in Advance - Lessons are 1 hour 15 mins (15 minutes for grooming/ tacking and untacking) 8x per month (2x weekly) $42 each / $336 (no refunds if rides are not used within a 4 week time-period)

10x Package ( used over a 6 week time period) / $400 (no refunds if rides are not used within a 6 week time-period)

Learn at your own pace with private lessons. One-on-one intensive learning and undivided instructor attention ensure a rapid increase of skills.

Group Lessons Group lessons allow students to ride with other riders at their same skill level.

Group rides are $35 each with 3 riders. Trainer must approve group lessons and participants. Group lessons are 1 hour 15 minutes (15 minutes for grooming and tacking/untacking) 1 hour lesson.


Hidden Valley Farm
3241Greenville Highway
Flat Rock. NC

Group Lessons

Group lessons allow students to compare and contrast their skills with other riders. Groups explore new techniques and learn from each other in a friendly environment.